We raised each of our Breeders as kittens ensuring they had a quality home environment with lots of love to grow up in.  Our cats grew up together and truly are family to us and to each other.



Ragdoll kittens for sale
Ragdoll kittens for sale
Blue Mitted Ragdoll


Fozzy is a handsome Blue Mitted Ragdoll with striking blue eyes.  He is a lover.  He is sweet and affectionate and loves to be loved!

King Fozzy

Ragdoll Family

Ragdoll kittens for sale

Kizzy is a beautiful Chocolate Colorpoint. She is sweet tempered and affectionate.  She is definitely a lap cat and loves to hop up into our laps to be petted. She even gives kisses by trying to lick us on our cheeks or neck.  She is always purring.


Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily is a Chocolate Mitted Lynx with a huge gorgeous tail and darling personality.  She loves to cross her front paws.  She is beautiful, sweet and loves everyone whether they are human or animal.  She lays her head on our shoulders when we pick her up and purrs. We love this girl!

Sugar Bear

Sugar bear is a rare Blue Eyed White (BEW) Ragdoll. She is so sweet and fun with so much personality.  She loves to knead her paws on us while purring up a storm.  She gives the best massages when she does! Her kittens are beautiful and sweet just like their momma!

Future King Moki

Moki is 3 months old in these pictures.  He will be our future 2nd King.  He is a gorgeous seal mitted ragdoll that carries Lilac and Dilute.  He has a sweet, cute personality to match his cute face. He stole our hearts the first time we met him.  We are excited to add this new boy to our cattery and about his future kittens.


Angel is a Blue Eyed White (BEW) Ragdoll. Angel has been retired but we were so in love with this beautiful girl we couldn't bear to part with her so we kept her and she is now our pampered pet. She is as sweet as can be.  We both love snuggle time right before bedtime.

Ragdoll Queen

Pregnant Mitzi showing off her belly in the ragdoll pose!

Mitzi is a gorgeous Seal Mitted Ragdoll. She is our oldest breeder and has recently been retired and now enjoying retirement as our pet. She has stunning blue eyes that melt your heart whenever she makes eye contact with you and a darling personality.  She likes to follow me around the house from room to room. I call her my little shadow.


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