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We raised each of our Breeders as kittens ensuring they had a quality home environment with lots of love to grow up in.  Our cats grew up together and truly are family to us and to each other.



Ragdoll kittens for sale

Ragdoll Family

King Moki

Moki is a gorgeous blue mitted ragdoll that carries chocolate and Dilute.  He is a gentle giant with a sweet, cute personality to match his cute teddy bear face. He stole our hearts the first time we met him.  He is very affectionate and loving with a loud comforting purr.

Ragdoll Cats in Utah
ragdoll kitten
ragdoll kittens


Blue bicolor ragdoll kitten

KiKi is a beautiful Blue Bicolor. We named after my youngest daughter's blankie which she affectionately called "Kiki" when she was a baby.  Kiki is so soft and fluffy like the blankie which is why we wanted to name her after the cherished blankie.  She loves to be wherever we are and will hop right up in the chair next to us or follow us around the house just to be close to us.

ragdoll kitten
ragdoll cat
ragdoll kittens in Utah

Princess Kailani

Princess Kailani is our newest breeder. She is a blue lynx bicolor.  She is only 5 months old in these pictures and we can already tell she's going to be a beauty!  We are so in love with her funny, sweet personality as well as her gorgeous huge tail! She will be old enough to breed spring 2023.

Blue lynx ragdoll

Tiger Lily

Chocolate mitted lynx ragdoll
ragdoll kitten utah

Tiger Lily is a Chocolate Mitted Lynx with a huge gorgeous tail and darling personality.  She loves to cross her front paws.  She is beautiful, sweet and loves everyone whether they are human or animal.  She lays her head on our shoulders when we pick her up and purrs. We love this girl!

ragdoll kitten.jpg
Ragdoll Queen
Seal Mitted Ragdoll

Pregnant Mitzi showing off her belly in the ragdoll pose!


Mitzi is a gorgeous Seal Mitted Ragdoll. She is our oldest breeder and is now enjoying retirement as our pet. She has stunning blue eyes that melt your heart whenever she makes eye contact with you and a darling personality.  She likes to follow me around the house from room to room. I call her my little shadow.

Ragdoll breeder

In Loving Memory of Kizzy

Ragdoll kittens for sale

Kizzy was a beautiful Chocolate Colorpoint who gave her life for her last litter of kittens unexpectedly after complications of birth.  She left us 5 beautiful kittens, two which we chose to keep.  Kizzy loved to be held and give us kisses by licking our cheeks.  She was very affectionate and we were broken hearted and devastated to lose her.  We miss her deeply.  We are grateful for the little gifts she left us of Izzy and Coco Puff so her legacy can live on in our cattery.  

Chocolate Colorpoint Ragdoll


ragdoll kitten
ragdoll breeder
bottle feeding ragdoll kitten
6 Weeks old

Izzy has her momma's sweet affectionate personality.  When she was 3 days old after I had given her a bottle she started to purr and licked my cheek like her momma used to when she gave me kisses.  That was the moment I knew we were keeping her.  We love her to pieces!  She is a beautiful chocolate mitted girl.  She carries dilute and lilac. 

ragdoll kittens for sale
chocolate mitted ragdoll queen

Coco Puff

We originally only intended on keeping one of Kizzy's kittens but as they grew Coco Puff wormed her way into our hearts with her sweet personality also like her momma's.  She would purr every time we picked her up.  She came to greet me whenever I came in the door just like Kizzy did.  She also looked so much like and reminded me so much of her momma. I couldn't bear to let her go so she is also a new cherished member of our Ragdoll Family.

Chocolate colorpoint ragdoll kitten
chocolate colorpoint ragdoll kitten
6 Weeks old
ragdoll kittens for sale in Utah

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