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KITTEN APPLICATION (You will need to print and sign then return to

As responsible parents to our kittens, we will ask a few questions of our buyers to be sure we place the perfect kitten with you.  Please don’t take offense at our questions, we want you to receive one of our Rag Babies that suits your family and lifestyle as well as being sure our kitten is going to his or her “forever” home.  Some kittens LOVE other pets!  Some kittens enjoy the quiet life!   Your family is unique, just like our Ragdoll babies!




Street Address:________________________________________________________

City:______________________State:__________________Zip Code:____________

Phone Number:______________________Cell Number:_______________________



Spouse’s Occupation:___________________________________________________

# Children in home:______Ages:__________________________________________

Do you have a gender preference? ________________________________________

Do you have a color/pattern preference? ___________________________________

Are you familiar with the Ragdoll breed? ____________________________________

Do you live in a House/Apartment/Condo?___________________________________

Do you have other animals, if so, what kind?_________________________________


Have you ever had a kitten/cat before:______________________________________

Would the kitten be inside, outside or both?__________________________________

Will the kitten have full run of your house?___________________________________

Will you provide the kitten with cat trees, toys and scratch posts?


How much time will the kitten be left alone in the house? _______________________

How do you feel about “Declawing”? _______________________________________

Ragdoll cats do not have a fight/flight in their DNA.  Thus, they can never go outside.  They cannot protect themselves!!

Will the kitten be an “indoor” cat only? ______________________________________

Will you feed only good quality food and treats? ______________________________

Will this kitten be treated as a family member? _______________________________

Do you have a Vet that you are comfortable with? ____________________________

Will you give this kitten proper medical care & checkups? ______________________

Is this a commitment you & your family are going to make

for the entire life of this kitten?____________________________________________

We place our kittens with people who promise to pamper them as the precious babies that they are!  Those people who promise to keep them indoors at all time.  Those people who promise not to Declaw. We are dedicated to placing our kittens in loving homes that are devoted to the health and well-being of this new addition to their family for the cat’s entire life.


Signature ____________________________________  Date ____________________

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